Monday, February 13, 2017

Mama's Munchies - logo design, packaging, and apparel

One of my biggest and most consistent clients is the owner of "Mama's Munchies" who I have worked with on several different projects. This project was for a medicated sweet potato pie company. She approached me with the idea of the logo, "I want a 70's looking woman... with an afro... with vintage words." I wanted the logo in a circle with the typography flowing around the inside of the circle. The hardest part was getting the face to have specific features that the client was satisfied with, once I had that and added the afro to it. I was done!

Once the logo was done we went into business cards...

and stickers...

and apparel...

and I definitely enjoyed the packaging...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Logo Design - DJ Wrecck

A local up and coming Bay Area DJ contacted me to create his logo and he made it SO easy because he had an actual drawing of exactly what he wanted. I always tell people that when I seen the drawing I got excited because of the shape that's in the part for the hair, it was just something about it.

 I did this in a couple of hours because the client didn't want any variations form the original drawing.
I added color to reflect what the client looked like, brown skin, hightop fade with a dyed light brown streak and two parts on the left side.

Logo Design - Fly Boy Snook

This is one of my favorite logos because of how it came about. I was approached to do a logo for a personality. There was no business, no artist, no promotion, etc., he simply wanted a logo for HIM! lol

I knew his personality and went to work on his graphics. The client goes by the moniker "Fly Boy Snook" and I knew in the beginning that I wanted a grungy look and feel. I love logos with typography and lettering so I knew I wanted to go with the "F" & "S" and I found a photo of he client leaning on a light pole and it immediately clicked that I wanted him leaning against a part of the logo. The last thing that was added was the crown and the client and I both agreed that the clown was the the exclamation point for the logo.